Dr. iur. h.c. Gerhard Strate


Law office profile

The law firm “Strate and Ventzke” has existed in this form since 1985 after Gerhard Strate had previously (since 1979) run a lawyer's office alone. The law firm concentrated at an early stage on counselling and representation in criminal law briefs, especially in the field of appeal law. In addition to this, our law firm also focuses on dealing with petitions to the Constitutional Court proceeding from the most varied legal fields. It was and is our ambition when working on each individual brief to combine accuracy in factual detail with scientific thoroughness.

Both Gerhard Strate and Klaus-Ulrich Ventzke have participated actively in topical discussions on legal matters and questions pertaining to legal policy with a large number of publications and lectures. Our guideline for this has always been to defend the guarantees of liberty provided by our constitution against their being insidiously whittled away by the opportunism of everyday politics - both on the side of justice and on that of legislators.

Gerhard Strate is a member of the advisory board of the periodical “Strafverteidiger”, in addition to being co-publisher and managing editor of the periodical “Informationsbrief Ausländerrecht”, and also the editor of the Internet periodical “hrr-strafrecht.de”. Furthermore, he was a member of the committee on criminal law of the Association of German Lawyers from 1987 to 2001, and since 1989 he has been on the board of the Hanseatic Bar Association of which he was Vice-President from 1999 to 2002. On 20 November 2003, the degree of Doctor iuris honoris causa was conferred on him by the Faculty of Law of the University of Rostock. In the certificate presented to him by the Rector of the University it says that: “By this his academic attainments in criminal law and procedure, in particular the close linking of his academic activity and his work as criminal defence counsel, as well as his didactic commitment are being acknowledged, by means of which he imparts his knowledge and his experience in practice in his teaching.”

Klaus-Ulrich Ventzke is also a member on the advisory board of the periodical “Strafverteidiger”. In addition, he is a lawyer member of the Hamburg Lawyers' Professional and Disciplinary Tribunal.


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